Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Response to Paul Ryan Remarks on Climate Change

greenhouse effect
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According to several articles online, Paul Ryan has admitted that the climate is changing. He doesn't see why we should do something to try to stop the warming. Admittedly, having a Republican admit that there is global warming is a step forward. But to claim that any and all attempts to control the warming is a --I assume he regards it as such--tax scam.  (MY words, not his)

In my view, he misses the crucial concern over global warming. Evolution will occur at increased rates due to the stress of climate change. This concept is anathema to the Creationists of the Conservatives, I know, but it is the fear of those who accept modern science as knowing how the world works.

By the way, MRSA is a prime example of evolution in action. Influenza, HIV and ebola are constantly evolving, but viruses are not living entities, just prime examples for modeling how evolution can occur in living species.

A cornfield near Waco, TX, years ago
Consider the idea that many plants and some animals will perish if the carbon dioxide levels change by even just 1-3 % points. Photosynthesis in corn, for example, shifts to favor an alternate pathway. Some plants cannot make the shift successfully. Expect huge evolutionary changes with increased warming, shifting of climate regions, and increased carbon dioxide.

The age of the dinosaurs demonstrates the speciation that occurs with these changes,
as do other epochs and eras. HOW WILL HUMANS CHANGE? The immediate results of the current warming shift will be economic, devastatingly so. But the long-term changes will be biological.

We are headed into a scary future for humankind. REMEMBER, past climate changes resulted in new species, extinctions, and a total change in the ecosystems. Yes, climate change has always occurred. Man's worry is what effect the current change will have on mankind and our culture. The earth as a biosphere will go on, but will we?

Allowing religious conservatives--fundamentalists--to control policy is frightening to me who believes in the correctness of views espoused and accepted by modern science. I really do fear a return to the Dark Ages where only prayer--and midwives and alchemists--could cure disease and only one leader had any say over how the masses lived.  Our entire culture is headed for a massive change where freedoms will by stymied and lives ruled by senseless corporate greed and religious control--where Big Brother is the church spy who tells on you and the punishment is excommunication or stoning.

Biblical Law looks just like Sharia Law, People. Ask the Inquisition or the Salem Witch Hunters. They were good Christian folk, too. So were every Christian nation that sincerely prayed for victory as they fought each other in countless battles and wars.

Only the true believers win? Ask that of each team in a football game when both sides sincerely pray for victory.

Get real!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Is the Pope more Powerful than the US Constitution in Deciding US Law?

SCOTUS, in the form of the 5 - man - majority Catholics, appear to be doing the will of their Pope.

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What does the view of the Pope have to do with deciding the US Constitution? The only question before the Supreme Court is the constitutionality of a US law.

The Robert's Court just gave employers the right to forbid birth control coverage in your employer's group insurance coverage. 

We are seeing the institutionalizing of Biblical Law. Can we continue to decry the harm of following the Fundamentalists of Sharia Law? Do we now take an eye for an eye, as the Bible says we do?

We are seeing the destruction of Freedom of Religion and the destruction of Rights of the Individual in this Court. I honestly fear that America as we were becoming, a just and free people, is going to be lost. We will soon fall as we lose the moral ground, becoming as superstitious and fundamentalist and controlling of others as the Taliban, with the corporations calling the shots.

Our Freedom, our Voting Rights, and our Democracy is at stake, but being whittled away under the Conservatives and the GOP moves to obey fundamentalism, the Kochs and the corporations over their pledge to uphold the US Constitution.

In the past, group coverage without birth control coverage was often more expensive. Will that be true today? Will these employers shove the added expense onto the employees by taking the policy difference out of the employees share of the payment?

Will these corporations now look to their investments to limit their stock options on the makers of birth control and condoms? Will they limit their investments in sweat shops? Will they take their religious convictions to the ultimate expression of actually doing morally responsible business? Or will they continue to cheat on taxes and such?