Wednesday, January 5, 2011

5 Republican Principles

I am a Democrat. But I watch the news. From this I have learned these 5 preachings of the Republican Party.
  1. Evolution is problematic, but social Darwinism is the preferred natural state of our land.
    1. Everyone should be independent and should take care of himself.
    2. Businesses should sink or swim on their own.
    3. Success means enough money to call the shots. Big businesses are successful, so whatever benefits big business is the best choice for this economy.
    4. Anyone who doesn't have a job should solve his own problems, but businesses do not need to hire more people since that would lower profits.
  2. In a question of whether the Federal Government or State Government should regulate anything, the States rights trump Federal authority.
    1. The Constitutional mandate "to...promote the general welfare" applies only when there is some distinct advantage to the party funders.
    2. Matters that affect our national cultural and societal health conflict with the demands of the party funders.
  3. If the majority of the country considers a policy to be wise, but the party funders do not agree, attack the credibility and morals of the majority's elected officials and control the press so that the public is told only the party line--ugh--position of those who fund the party.
    1. It is OK to spin the truth until the lies are hidden as long as it gets the party attention and support.
    2. By renaming an idea the positive or negative impact of the idea is better controlled.
    3. Blame the current majority for problems that began when the party was in power in the past.
  4. In a choice between religious mysticism and science, religion trumps science.
    1. If there is climate change ahead, it is the will of God and man would be arrogant to think he should try to stop it or to believe Man could make a difference.
    2. If new technology could heal disease, it must be abolutely separate from abortion, but war that kills all stages of life is OK and even makes money for big business.
    3. If a party funder is in the business of technology that might be morally questionable in its implementation, profit trumps morality every time.
  5. When the country is in debt, lower taxes and cut government spending.
    1. Cuts will be to entitlements, regulatory agencies, and funding for any bill that the other party passed into law.
    2. Spending on war will not be cut except in areas that reduce benefits to soldiers and veterans but not money to military suppliers.
    3. Cutting the salaries of civil service workers is legitimate since that is government and government does not need to be efficient or retain talented workers.
    4. Subsidies to big business are sacrosanct since big business funds the party.

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