Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Response to the Video on Facebook Titled "You've Been Warned"

I just viewed this video that appeared from a friend on Facebook:  You've Been Warned
I am not a member of Tea Party or the Republican Party. In my anger at the obstructionism of the Republicans in congress these past 2 years, I have recently joined the Democrat Party.

In response to the video, I wrote this comment on Facebook: 

I voted for Obama. I recently joined the Democrat Party. I do not like the Tea Party or the Republican vision for this nation.

Obama will most likely go down in history as one of the best presidents this nation has had.

What is there not to about him?

How can this country survive without enough taxes to keep us going? How can this country survive if we increase the percentage of citizens living in poverty?

The programs initiated by Obama have saved this nation from a depression and will eventually end the recession. The money allotted to TARP and bailout funds will be repaid--sooner than required by law, in fact.

Vote for Democrats in the fall so we can solve some of our remaining problems with constructive laws that will advance the progress of this nation and maintain our worldwide influence. Encourage the Republicans to get involved in the solutions and the design of the laws needed.

And let's deal with the worldwide changes in climate before we reach a point of no return and can not survive the increase in temperature and rise in sea levels.

Can our species survive an average temperature 10 degrees Fahrenheit higher than it is now? That is a rise of 3.5 degrees Celsius that is predicted. Already the average has increased .5-1C. That's about 1-2.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Think of the change in summer temps that lead to that kind of average annual temperature change! We must act ASAP.