Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tea Party and oher Horrors that Make me Fear for our Future

(Got a thunderstorm coming, so this is a quick post copied from what I wrote in WordPad this am.. Yep, it needs double-checking and revising, but I have to turn off the computer now!)

New Jersey wants to recall its senator because he voted for measures proposed by the President of the United States. Tea Partyers think they can legally do this based on a New Jersey law recently passed.

Texas wants to teach a revisionist history in its public schools. This movement is headed by the same folks that couldn't force Creationism on the public school system. As part of the fact distortions of the revisionist history is the inclusion of the acceptance of non-separation of church and state. Is this another aspect of Tea Party influence.

Nationwide, the Tea Party is claiming that a duly-elected President of the United States is un-American. Somehow it was OK for a Republican to steal an election for president, but a an actually legally elected one is unacceptable.

Tea Partyers are upset about a possible tax increase that hasn't materialized. They are upset that the majority rules, not them. They are upset about the National Debt, even though the policy makers that they support created this mess.

I am afraid that the Tea Party and the Far Right, with the help of Fox TV, Sarah Palin, and numerous others are going to completely destroy this country. They have no respect for the Constitution in its entirety, just certain favored amendments. They want to reduce the Federal Government to impotency. Unfortunately, once that happens, the USA as we know it will fall. The deregulation of the past decades have gutted so much of our economy. Our physical infrastructure is old and needs repair, let alone maintenance. We are fighting expensive wars.

Meanwhile, climate change has already produced numerous natural disasters in the form of numerous powerful tornadoes, floods, mudslides, drought, melting glaciers, diminished snowfall, and sea-level rise. Changes in temperature and rainfall patterns are devastating our agricultural regions.

In the near future our success as nation will require a united people willing to work together to solve tremendous challenges. Or the USA will be destroyed from within. Prayer will not save those who will not help themselves. Making the USA a religious state will not stop the natural disasters coming our way. Refusing to pay taxes will not enable the USA to recover from this past economic tragedy.

Jobs will come when corporations hire Americans to produce a product. Why not force a US corporation to keep an American workforce, to pay taxes to its own government? In fact, if all corporations that do business in the United States were required to pay all its workers a decent wage and to pay their fair share of the taxes that support this country, they just might hire Americans. We could make a law that says that all corporations doing business in American must hire a certain percentage of Americans within the borders of the USA. If a corporation wants to be registered elsewhere and hire workers elsewhere, let them. But require that they also register in the United States, pay taxes on any profit from work and products from within the United States; and be required to treat its foreign workers overseas to the same human rights, pay them reasonable local wages above the local minimum wage expectation, and maintain OSHA safety standards.

Why should the Tea Party blame the Obama administration for the lack of jobs? It was deregulation, corporate outsourcing, and corporate greed and mismanagement that reduced the number of jobs available. Yes, NAFTA encouraged corporations to open businesses overseas, but the corporations themselves made the decision to abandon the American people to do so. Blame the corporations.

Has anyone in the Tea Party really thought through what our country will devolve into if they get control of the legislature? I foresee a religious state with revisionist history and science, denial of the technology and scientific principles required to adjust to a changing world climate, taxes too low to maintain governmental services, guns used to force neighbors to act as required by the will of the more powerful, more heavily armed, isolationism with no money in the government coffers to actually enforce the policies or defend the borders, attack from abroad because the Jihadists can, natural disasters that destroy with no assistance from the financially gutted FEMA, and all the other trends that an impotent Federal Government leads us into.

People, I am frightened for our future as a country. The very principles that this nation was built on are being eroded by the Tea Party, the Conservatives, the Republican Party, and the religious fundamentalists that want to control this nation, greedy and unethical corporate policies, and inadequate taxes.

What is at stake is our Bill of Rights, and our Constitution. What is at stake is our cultural pluralism. What is at stake is our individualism and individual freedoms. What is at stake is our scientific and technological success.