Friday, March 5, 2010

The Kneejerk Process

 I just posted a correction to the last posting about teachers. At the bottom of the post I attached this statement.

Folks, many errors of the original post, mostly spelling, one glaring fact, were corrected 3/5/2010. I apologize for these errors. Part of the kneejerk process is a rush to express an idea when there is little time to check details. Look for future instances where corrections will be necessary, as sometimes the rough draft is all that I have time for. Do comment on the errors and then look for corrections. The basic idea and outlook will most likely be accurate until I change my mind--another aspect of the kneejerk process. Do read the rules and enter the dialogue in the spirit of the idea of self-expression bar dishonest political correctness.

I will attempt corrections to facts and ideas and spelling as I find time. Usually shortly after a posting has been made. I will link to a post when necessary, though. If you correct a comment, do the same, OK?