Monday, October 26, 2009

To Opt In or Opt Out? That is the Question.

What is the difference? Either way citizens get the health insurance they need to pay for the health care they need. And just what is so socialistic about the citizens getting something directly from the taxes they pay. After all, huge corporations and even regular-sized businesses and (farmers/food producers) get support from the government all the time. Even after using all the tax loopholes that deprive this country of the needed taxes that they would ordinarily owe. (No wonder the country is in debt!)

Oh, wait. I know. If a state has to opt out, then the state legislatures and governors have to overtly show the citizens they represent that health care for the regular people of their state is not something that they care about--even if the majority of the citizens are in need and are asking for it.

If the state has to opt in, then the minority, who happen to have decent health care insurance, can ignore the matter and hope it goes away and that the citizens of their states will not ask why they got left out. Maybe there will not be a grass-roots movement to demand an opt in.

But wait, there's more...

Watch. These same politicians will be the first to respond to the inevitable grass-roots demand for decent options to their health care choices insurance with the mantra: "Vote for me and I will see that this state opts in."

It is just semantics. It is just politics.

I think there should be an executive order to drop the health care insurance policies of Congress that is funded by taxpayers and change it to a set of private heath care insurance programs. Privatize it for everyone, not just the needy citizenry. It is feudal elitism for the Congress to get privileges paid for by taxpayers that the same Congress refuses to grant to the same taxpayers. Why do we fund these obstructionists? Our blood, sweat, and tears are shed so they can collect from the special interest groups and ignore the needs of the people. Are we tired of this yet?

Wake up, Republicans. Get with the program, Democrats.

And another thing: Why is there such an uproar over the possibility of coverage for abortion from the same people that send our sons and daughters to a war to be maimed, killed and traumatized. Are we exhausted yet?

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