Monday, October 19, 2009

On Health Care

Ok, Democrats, let's get the vote in!  We need the public option. We need health insurance coops. We need all the safeties for patients: no preexisting clauses, no chopping off coverage because of sickness or limits to payments.

I can understand the need for insurance companies to make a profit and that full coverage would not be profitable. That is why the government must help.

I cannot afford private insurance. Few can. And employee insurance is bankrupting small and even large companies: look at GM's reasons for needing a bailout.  This huge, profitable company could no longer fund the health insurance for its employees.

Come on, Congress. Vouchers will cover the health insurance coverage for, what, 2 months? If that. Big Woop.

Tax breaks do not help the ones with so many dependents and so low a salary that their taxes are too low, anyway. And how far will this small amount go? Nowhere near as far as the vouchers, I'll bet.

Doctors are usually the upper class members of a community. Why should they be rich off of our suffering?  They can be adequately paid and hospitals supported with a public option.  It beats the charity that is now offered in the ERs.

Help us Congress!!

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